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Founded in 2016, GIVE is a design and engineering company based in Athens. Focused on the visionary values and passion of its founders and engineers, GIVE brings a fresh approach to design, analysis and optimisation of complex and innovative engineering products.

We provide technical innovation, product design and advanced engineering analysis, ranging from single components to full systems and from concept to prototyping. We specialise in finite element analysis (FEA), structural analysis, optimisation & lightweight materials, covering a wide range of analysis methods, from heat transfer and linear-static, to transient, dynamic (crash), FRA and advanced optimisation.

Whatever product you may want to produce or whatever technical problem you may be faced with, we can help you visualise it, predict its behavior, understand its weaknesses, evaluate its performance and improve it, so as to achieve your desired objectives, bypassing the need for costly prototyping.

Promoting creativity and integrity every step of the way, our team is dedicated to deliver the best results no matter what the project entails. Our intention is not to satisfy our customers, but to amaze them.

It is our people who make us who we are.

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We have extensive expertise in the automotive and motorsports industries, but we keep challenging ourselves with projects from different sectors.







Who we are

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