Aerodynamics & Computational Fluid Dynamics

External or internal flow? Low or high Mach number? Adiabatic or heat transfer boundaries? What about the modeling of turbulence? Whatever the question or technical problem, our expertise in flow, heat transfer and thermo-mechanical calculations, based on our experience in the aeronautical industry, allows us to be in the position to provide all the answers you need. Having been involved in a number of high-profile projects, our engineers can identify and propose the most suitable method, always considering the complexity of the problem, the desired accuracy and the available time and budget.

From detailed component analysis to full systems performance, we provide a range of services to help you explore designs for external or internal flows, heat transfer, turbulence, compressible flows and non-Newtonian materials. Our tools include:

  • Steady-state and transient CFD

  • Heat transfer modeling

  • Cooling and heat exchangers

  • Incompressible and compressible flows

  • RANS and LES turbulence modeling

  • Systems aero-thermodynamic analysis

GIVE has an extensive experience in vehicle aerodynamics as well as external and internal flows for cooling, engine performance, noise and more. Our team has been involved in several projects on battery pack cooling for EVs.

We have been heavily involved in design and analysis of battery packs for new EV developments, with specific focus on battery cooling programs and performance. Using the latest tools but also in-house developed codes we can predict, analyse and optimise the battery thermal behaviour and most effective cooling strategy.