Electro-Mechanical Development & Analysis

GIVE is a visionary engineering company, focusing not only to support its customers with the best design and analysis services but also -through continuous R&D- help develop innovative products towards a more sustainable future. We have a growing team of mechanical and electrical engineering experts in develop advanced embedded systems and electronics, that focusing on developing from scratch to final product advanced electromechanical systems.

The last few years we have been heavily involved in vehicle electrification programs as well as extensive R&D on innovative systems for EVs. We have designed and developed a unique active battery management system for multiple battery EVs, that optimizes the performance and life of batteries.

We have been developing battery packs with maximum energy density and uncompromised performance. Our battery pack designs has focused on innovative ideas to pack and protect the cells, as well as ways to monitor and regulate the oparating temperatures. Our work with EVs has given us a solid understanding of the phenomena involved as well as the best approach in developing products for the EVs of the future.