Turn-Key Solution

Whether you have an idea and you are not sure how to produce it, or you have already designed a prototype and want to take it to the next level, we can be on your side and help you bring your ideas to life. We can drive product development from idea to creation, alongside you and your team, following all necessary steps to ensure a viable product, a product which will not only work but also perform well. Functionality, quality and reliability are the three 'engineering' attributes which define a modern product's success. Let us help you get them in a perfect design blend.

GIVE is part of the HyFly design team, a 6-hour flight hydrogen UAV. We are responsible for the full design of the UAV and all the structural, composites and optimization analysis, with the challenge to produce a UAV with uncompromised performance and behaviour in under 8kg.

We have been developing new innovative urban mobility solutions. Based on a solid engineering background and experience in the automotive, our team embark on the journey to bring disruption to the way we move around our cities by designing new electric mobitilty concepts, green & sustainable, designed, developed and build to offer a new experiene to our customers.

We have developed our unique active BMS (battery management system) optimized for urban vehicles using multi-battery pack solutions. Our BMS is using CAN communication to interact with the other vehicles electronics, and is fully customizable and programable to optimize the performance of each vehicle as well as optimize/protect the battery life.