Elias Nassiopoulos, EngD, MSc, PhD, CEng


“After having worked in Formula 1 and as a senior analyst in the UK, having met the best engineers in world class facilities and some amazing people, I realized it was time for some new dreams. I took a leap of faith to return home and get out there to pursue them. My own team, a team of talented and passionately disruptive engineers to work towards inspiring true change through innovative design.”

After receiving his PhD, Elias worked as a structural analyst in Formula 1 and as a senior analyst in a well-known UK based engineering consultancy, responsible, among others, for composite analysis and tool development, using his background experience with materials & composites. Elias has an experience of 7+ years in the area of finite elements, structural analysis, optimisation & lightweight materials and a wide range of analysis methods, from heat transfer and linear-static, to transient, dynamic (crash), implicit & explicit. Through his career so far, he has had the chance to be involved in some very exciting projects, mostly in the automotive & motorsport sectors, and acquire engineering experience from both an academic as well as industrial point of view.