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Drowned in Data

by Dr Asteris Apostolidis It is a bit of a cliché to state that we live in the era of information, nevertheless 100% accurate, as recent technological advancements were remarkably fast. Just a few decades ago, the person owning the information was of key role; nowadays, the amount of information is so vast, that the extraction of the right information […]

The long way to an emission-free planet

by Dr Asteris Apostolidis In our latest post, we dealt with the prospects of moving towards an exclusively electrically powered world, where fossil fuels will be obsolete and eventually, abandoned. We discussed as well the example of Norway, where this future prospect is almost a present for this Nordic country. Their hydroelectric plants cover almost exclusively the demand for electricity, […]

Our electric future

by Dr Asteris Apostolidis Sustainability” is a word commonly used in the recent years, especially when it comes to the future of the planet. According to this practice, a human intervention needs to have a minimum impact on the environment, and therefore depletion of natural resources should be phased out. It is not a secret that since the industrial revolution, […]