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Bringing together experience & innovation

We are happy and proud to annouce our strategic partnership with Petros Petropoulos AEBE

GIVE, after just 5 years of life, is now absorbed by Petros Petropoulos AEBE, a 100 year old company with constant presence and continuous innovation in the automotive sector. The experience of an established group together with the freshness, speed and innovation of a startup, are coming together to shape the future of mobility, redefine the ways we move and transport, as well as develop product and services that will allow us to dream of a more sustainable future.

With the deal finalized in January 2022, our team is now strengthened with a mandate to create internally and for its customers and partners, technologies in the mobility, wider sustainability and, digitization sectors. With 16,000sqm of warehouse and assembly spaces, GIVE is now capable to offer assembly and production (small to medium production volumes) for its customers, in its unique modular assembly line (micro-factory, Industry 4.0).

We started since day-one with this idea of creating a unique engineering space that will challenge the way we think of the future and inspire change through creative and innovative engineering. With excitement and pride, we are now looking into the future ready to grow our team and capabilities, and -more than ever- create the future that we imagine.

Elias Nassiopoulos
The way forward

Maintaining & reinforcing our values – TeamWork / Integrity / Respect / Passion – GIVE is now moving forward to create products and services towards global and holistic sustainability. Our efforts will focus in developing GIVE into the largest innovation Hub in Europe and above, in the sectors of:

  1. Mobility of the Future : Development of mobility concepts of the future, whether for Road, Air or the Sea
  2. Energy & Sustainability : Energy Storage systems and technologies for smart energy management
  3. Digitization and Electronics : Electronics for mobility & energy, as well as tech on AI, Autonomous vehicles and digital twins.
Who is Petros Petropoulos AEBE

Petros Petropoulos AEBE was established in Thessaloniki in 1922. It manufactures, modifies, distributes and supports a wide range of automotive products including automobiles, trucks & buses, generating sets, diesel engines, boats, outboard engines, agricultural, earthmoving & industrial equipment, batteries, lubricants and tyres. The Company has a leading position in the Greek market in the sectors which it serves.

The core purpose of PP is to survive and grow in harmony with our values by creating superior and sustainable economic value for the prosperity of our people and society.

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