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UAVs – Towards Autonomous Cyber-physicals systems

We are happy to announce our collaboration with VERTLINER and the HUBCAP TEAM

AID4asBuilD is a novel approach to the precision inspection of building assets using an autonomous UAV flying through tightly confined spaces, a task today significantly difficult and dangerous for humans. AID4asBuild focuses on the specific use-case of fully automated elevator shaft inspection while bridging the gap between the construction and the elevator industry. The scope of this project is to create a digital twin of the innovative UAV system that will allow not only to create a dedicated UAV for the application but also to conduct system and performance optimization of the UAV for the specific mission and tasks at hand.

VERTLINER and GIVE are coming together to combine expertise and create a new innovative cyber-physical product, using, on the one hand, the current robotic UAV equipped with numerous sensors for indoor navigation data collection and analysis, and one the other modelling techniques to allow create exact replicas of the system and the system behaviour.

HUBCAP – a HUB for CPS experts

HUBCAP is your one-stop-shop for embracing digital innovation using Model-Based Design (MBD) technology for Cyber-Physical Systems. The HUBCAP Platform offers a place to learn about MBD technologies and get hands-on with modelling software and existing models in our HUBCAP Sandbox Middleware. The HUBCAP Platform is also a space to meet other SMEs and larger businesses, to find partners for your next project, or get access to the expertise you need to grow your business.

HUBCAP is backed by a network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) with the goal of bringing new microelectronics-enabled products, processes, and business models to life. The HUBCAP network provides access to funding opportunities, cutting-edge tech, and business support services, with information described within the HUBCAP Platform.

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