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micro mobility Engineers: pioneering a sustainable urban revolution

Pioneering a Sustainable Urban Revolution


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the challenges with the destruction we brought to our planet, and the changes we face as societies and individuals, finding sustainable and efficient transportation solutions has become more critical than ever. Let’s face it! Moving in the city is not easy, not anymore at least! And even the most passionate motorheads want to kick their vehicle’s windscreen at least once a day…Stuck in traffic for hours (if you add all that up it comes to years of our lives), hot tin-cans that’ll burn our skin off in the summer, a constant noise that has become the norm, and let’s not talk about parking that thing in the center!

Enter micro-mobility, that transformative concept that promises to revolutionize the way we move within our cities. Focused on compact, lightweight, and electric-powered modes of transportation, micro-mobility offers an alternative (and a compelling one I might add) to traditional mobility. From electric scooters and bicycles to e-bikes and other small, nimble little vehicles, micro-mobility options are now gaining traction and reshape the way we navigate urban environments. Size matters, I won’t argue (!). But not for our vehicles!

Growing Popularity of Micro-Mobility

Micro-mobility engineering is rapidly growing in popularity. In recent years, cities across the globe have witnessed a surge in micro-mobility engineering services, with electric scooters and bicycles flooding the streets. And this rise in popularity can be attributed to several factors, not all right if you ask me, but at least help us go in the right direction. They are (mostly!) cost-effective and efficient, especially for short trips where traditional methods like driving or public transit may be less convenient. Additionally, micro-mobility options provide a sustainable alternative, helping to reduce emissions and alleviate traffic congestion in urban areas.

The advent of app-based platforms and shared mobility services has also helped! Making the access to micro-mobility options easier than ever. Users can simply locate and unlock a nearby scooter or bike through their smartphones, making it a convenient choice for on-demand transportation. The convenience, flexibility, and environmental benefits of micro-mobility have resonated with those urban dwellers, leading to an exponential increase in adoption and ridership.

And as it continues to gain momentum, it is now essential to keep digging and delve deeper into its benefits, challenges, and the potential impact it can have on urban transportation, and all of us. Being myself an F1 engineer, all my career trying to develop fast, noisy and (admittedly) beautiful vehicles, I have -since few years now- thought things differently! I still love developing vehicles, but for what? For fun? Why not! But it ain’t nothing fun about noisy, polluting, big vehicles that’ll make anyone get home in an hour instead of 15mins! Or vehicles that can carry a full family on a week-long road trip around Europe, with only the driver alone pushing buttons to kill time in traffic.

So let’s try this alternative! Let’s understand the advantages, considerations, technological innovations, and real-world case studies that shed light on this micro-potential in shaping the future of urban mobility a bit differently this time.

Micro-Mobility from an Engineering Perspective

From an engineering perspective, micro-mobility presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Designing and manufacturing vehicles for micro-mobility requires a focus on efficiency, lightweight construction, and sustainable (and I mean it!) power sources. Engineers must develop innovative solutions to maximize battery life, optimize energy consumption, and ensure the vehicles are robust enough to withstand frequent use in urban environments. And let’s not forget to design safe and stable vehicles that can provide a smooth and comfortable ride experience.

Suspension systems, braking mechanisms, and the integration of advanced technologies for stability control and user safety, are key parts of the equation. And as we are now in the digital age, the integration of digital technologies is also key, again – not to make things fancier, but to really get value and improve the experience for all, those inside and those outside the vehicle, find clever ways to make the vehicles smarter and better in moving around the city, and get them to also think of our sustainability.

It’s not about developing vehicles. It is about developing ways of moving in urban environments! This time let’s not forget “why” we are doing it, and let’s open our eyes to the potential effects our moving machines will have on the environment, society, and what I might summarize as “all”. The engineering community must collaborate closely with urban planners to address infrastructure requirements, with environmentalists to discuss about the way to truly make things sustainable (from cradle to the grave – not just the use of the vehicle), with social scientists to understand effects to everyone (all included!), to energy and sustainability experts, to all. Leave no-one behind! This time let’s try and make it right. Let’s just try.

Inspiring Change and Redefining Urban Transportation through innovative Automotive Vehicle Engineering

At GIVE Engineering (the team we created few years back out of love to inspire change through what we know how to do – link) we are pioneers in the field of micro-mobility, combining our year of expertise in automotive vehicle engineering with a fresh, young and certainly advanced engineering team, to develop groundbreaking solutions, solution we just believe in.

Our team is one of highly skilled engineers and designers who bring extensive experience and crazy ideas in designing mobility and sustainability products. With a focus on innovation, forward-thinking engineering practices and always asking “is that right or is that just another unnecessary norm that we must drop to go forward”, we consistently push the boundaries of what is possible, envisioning and creating cutting-edge micro-mobility solutions that revolutionize urban transportation. As part of our product portfolio, or for our customers all over the world!

Our engineering team makes the mission to redefine the way we move in our cities true. But we are openly calling everyone with ideas to call us and talk to us, everyone involved in micro-mobility to chat with us and discuss opportunities, everyone feeling just strong about how are cities look to join us and talk ways to promote sustainability. True sustainability…environmental, social and economic.