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High tech crash test dummy ready for testing, Dynamic analysis, Crash tests

ClientShandong Wuzheng Group CoDateJune, 2019Share

Full Crash test analysis of trucks

GIVE has been involved in several project crash analysis projects following the ECE R94 and R95 regulations, for both IC and EVs.

The specific project was responsible to undertake all the necessary steps to evaluate the performance of an electric truck in crash, investigate the vehicle’s compliance with the regulations and optimize its performance, focusing on passenger protection. Using dynamic analysis tools (explicit dynamic solvers) the effort is to replicate the behavior of the truck in crash events. The work will take into consideration the whole vehicle design, the interactions between different assemblies, dummies, installed safety devices and the complete set of loadcases and their requirements specified in the ECE regulations.

GIVE’s team provided all the tools, skills and experience to undertake all necessary engineering work, using advanced explicit algorithms, and prove the crash performance of the existing design (frontal impact, side, 40%), before performing optimization studies in a component and assembly level.

GIVE’s work within this project (as in most dynamic/crash analysis projects) followed a systematic approach with Workpackages including the vehicle design understanding, its assemblies and subassemblies and all design considerations, the analysis of the whole set of tests required for vehicle category, vehicle modeling for explicit analysis, preparation of all “post-analysis” tools for easy visualization and understanding of the crash test criteria and results, and of course presentations and reporting.

Explicit & implicit analysis
Crash test
Optimization algorithms