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ClientChip Ganassi RacingDateSeptember 2020

Racing vehicle, E-race cars, digital twining, electro-thermal modelling

digital twin technologies used in racingapplications

GIVE has an expert team in cyber-physical systems and digital twin technologies, including design, life-cycle, and assembly DTs. Mastering the world of modeling and simulations, and with a deep understanding of both the digital and physical side of a product -from cradle to grave -, we have been developing internally but also for our customers full digital twins that not only support the ‘design’ phase but operate throughout the life-cycle of a product for predictive maintenance, health-check and maintenance, and customized updates/optimization.

With prestigious clients in the world of motorsports, we have been exploiting the capabilities and potential of DTs, to help teams optimize the vehicles for each specific race, and understand the vehicle behavior throughout the runs. Especially on E-race vehicles, the battery packs, their heat conditioning and management is crucial, and we pride ourselves in being able to support our customers brake the boundaries of technology.

Racing has been a passion of many of our engineers, and combining this with the efforts towards ‘green’ vehicles is a passion and challenge that we are always ready to take on.

Battery pack analysis for e-race vehicle

Analysis of the electro-thermal behavior of the packs throughout a race run.

Digital-twin modules

Development of tools for representation and digital-twining of the electro-thermal systems.