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Developement of portable battery packs for micro-mobility concepts

Elevate your micro-mobility experience with our high-performance portable battery packs. Unleash the power for convenient travel. With the dramatic increase and penetration of EVs in the last years, the question of where and how to charge have been dominant. Also, the concerns of the vehicle not being actually green (based on where the energy to charge comes from) and the idea of leaving no-one behind, led to discussion on innovative charging systems as well as the integration of the vehicle batteries into energy system as decentralized storage units.

GIVE has developed a portable vehicle battery system for urban-mobility concepts, scalable and modular, and with the ability to be charged anywhere in simple home-plugs. Also, it was design with the idea and capability to be combined and used in conjunction with energy management systems, and specifically their use as domestic battery packs.

We design innovative energy storage and battery pack units for mobility concepts and vehicle platforms.

DateAugust, 2018Share