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Industry 4.0, micro-assembly factories, smart factories, product-centric assembly lines

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Development of a new modular micro-Assembly factory for Urban mobility Concepts

Looking to revolutionize urban transportation? Explore our modular micro assembly factory for cutting-edge mobility solutions. Start now. GIVE has developed a new assembly approach based on a new modular concept. The concept is based on the customized assembly of racing vehicle merged with the simplicity and ease of the IKEA style assembly methodology.

With a product-centric setup, rather than the line-assembly process of traditional lines, the new assembly process is optimized and suited for medium-production rates. Based on the ideas of micro-factories and the essence of industry 4.0, the new assembly facility has minimal Capital Expense needs, and it’s fully expandable based on demand.

As a response to the all increasing tendency for unique products (mass customization), we had to re-design the manufacturing floor. The challenge for production modularity was further enhanced by the need for creating an efficient production, driven by demand, without the requirement for high capital expenses for its setup.

Aligned with the ideas of Industry 4.0, the unique manufacturing process, which revolves around modularity and flexibility of unique/customized products, based on demand. Using a bay as a central build location and combining the benefits of manual labour with the efficiency, accuracy and robustness of collaborative robots (COBOTS), the manufacturing process starts with the supply of vehicle parts and modules (pre-assembled units by our suppliers) from storage, using warehouse in-line bots.

The manufacturing floor and its technology are directly linked with a Digital Twin. Our modular assembly process is suited for small to medium series production and has the flexibility to make batch sizes with the same cost effectiveness. With our process, it becomes possible to manufacture products in line with market requirements and on demand. Using technology extensively (cobots, AR, digital screens, sensors, etc), we manage not only to produce high quality products in the most efficient way, but also constantly collect data and perform continuous manufacturing and product optimization.

Industry 4.0
Micro-assembly factories
Product-Centric assembly
Smart factories
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