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New Urban mobility platform, concept, smart vehicles, smart devices, Full product development, mobility of the future

Project i-Lektra

Project “I-lektra” concerns a smart urban mobility vehicle platform fully designed and developed by GIVE. Ilketra is a two-wheeled 5kW vehicle, a new smart urban mobility solution. The main innovations that I-lektra proposes are (1) on its business concept (reflected in the engineering of the vehicle) “You design, We make, Together we operate”, which allows every customer to design online his fully customized vehicle and get it delivered at his doorstep, (2) Its digital-twin technology integrating the design, manufacturing and life cycle of the vehicle, and allowing customized updates, health monitoring and performance optimization, but also cost reductions in the whole vehicle life-cycle from cradle to recycling and (3) Its battery pack technology, which allows charging anywhere and is the first swappable battery that can be used actively in conjunction with energy systems as a power-bank (for home or swap station applications).

Full product development cycle

  • Business Plan & strategic analysis
  • Market analysis – Quantitative/Qualitative
  • Conceptual design
  • Engineering design/analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Product release
  • Supplier identification/evaluation
  • Production planning