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Development of an Autonomous Drone system for the Construction industry

Take your construction endeavors to the next level with our autonomous drone system. Experience heightened safety & productivity instantly. GIVE, developed for is partner Vertliner an advanced autonomous drone system for the construction industry, the main targeting market of Vertliner. Working in conjunction with both their engineering and business team, GIVE took on the challenge of designing and developing a drone system with multiple degrees-of-freedom, optimized for the business case at hand, and with unprecedented flying dynamics accuracy for detailed inspection of building assets.

GIVE’s project team included of mechanical, electrical and project management engineers, to tackle efficiently all aspects of the work, and develop the products electro-mechanical systems.

Engineering design

Design of all parts and their integration, including manufacturing constraints and assebembly/disassembly requirements.

Embedded systems

GIVE developed the main control unit of the vehicle, that operated not only as a carrier board for the computational unit, but also as an integrator of all subsystems, i.e. controller, sensors, etc.

Vehicle Dynamics

The developed vehicle although a quadcopter, was design to have 8 degrees-of-freedom in total, making the system over-actuated, and delivering the best dynamics and control performance.

The sweet design was developed for our favorite candy store. If you loveand adore your clients, you start to love the work you do for them.

DateNovember, 2021StatusUnder developmentShare