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Developing new EV platforms & Electrifying old fleets

Electric truck batteries are charged from the charging station. Concept

GIVE’s engineering team has been working with passion to develop technologies but also support customers towards electrification of existing vehicle fleets. We have been working closely with customers to identify the requirements for such transition of fleets, and design components, perform analysis and conduct advanced engineering studies, to make this transition happen. Sustainability and mobility being our passion, working with other innovators pushing towards a greener future, is for us an honor.

Xos Trucks is an innovative US company driving the electrification of large fleets. A true innovator in decarbonizing transportation.
design and analysis

We have been working closely with Xos and its engineering team to design, develop and analyze components for their new and existing developments.

  • Component design
  • Battery pack structural analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Random response analysis
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