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UAV design. Large hydrogen UAV, fixed-wing VTOL, 6hours flight time

DateMarch, 2020StatusUnder developmentShare

Development of a long range UAV for surveillance & inspection use

GIVE, as part of an international consortium, developed a large hydrogen fixed-wing VTOL UAV platform for use mainly in surveillance purposes (forestry, border, etc.) as well as for inspection of wind parks and gas/pipeline installations.  Project HyFly concerned a 6-hour flight hydrogen UAV with VTOL capability, where GIVE’s team of experts took on the challenge of delivering the full engineering design of the UAV together with all the structural, composites and optimization analysis, in order to deliver a fully working prototype.

The fully composite structure of 4m span, responsible to carry two load cells, the hydrogen tank, all navigation and control electronics, as well as payload, had the added challenge of weight restrictions (for certification purposes) allowing for a maximum structural weight of 8Kg.

Our engineering team formed to tackle this specific project, took again a holistic approach starting from the business case, all the way to assembly, recording in every steps the requirements, the hard and soft specifications, as well as the opportunities for innovation and optimization.

Product developement

From concept to prototype creation, GIVE worked in every step to engineer this state-of-art product.

Advanced engineering analysis

Our experts worked in every level to understand the structural behaviour and requirements of the vehicle throughout mission, and design the optimal components, assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Composite design & analysis

GIVE has extensive expertise and deep understanding of composite materials (carbon, glass, reinforced plastics with short/long fibres, etc.), as well as the methodologies, tools and physics behind the analysis of composites structures.