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The future of automotive is digital. Electric vehicles, self driving vehicles, connected cars, autonomous mobility, are transforming the industry in unprecedented speeds. It is now clear that the way we move is changing, and we ought to help!!

And its not only vehicles. We are living in a world that is already electronic, with “smart” devices entering every part of our lives. And then there is the world of “digital”, the world of data, AI, the cloud, connectivity, and things up to now considered magic! At GIVE we find it imperative to support this transformation, as it is the fastest and coolest way to create new products and services that will get us to a better, greener and more sustainable future. Electronics, hardware and software, together with advanced algorithms can help us unleash great potential, products that have users at the center, and products that leave no-one behind.

“Technology and science must have a specific purpose, humanity, the fight against poverty and injustice…Creation of a better world.”


Power electronics

We develop state-of-art power electronics to lead the transition of mobility and the sustainability sector.

  1. Energy Management Systems
  2. Multi-source battery management systems – BMS
  3. Battery packs
  4. Balancing circuits – Active/Passive

Embedded systems

Operating system dashboard infotainment systems
ECU system
  1. Micro-controllers / Micro-processors
  2. Advanced Embedded system design
  3. Board computing
  4. ECU & Control Units
  5. Custom OS
  6. Infotainment systems
  7. Processing Units
  8. Programming and advanced algorithms

We have extensive experience in design, simulation, assembly and testing of advanced computing boards and smart devices. Circuit design, PCB design, analysis and simulations, board assembly, testing, programming and machine state definition, HiL testing, electrothermal modelling, electromagnetics, and system integration are just few of the capabilities that we could support our customers and their teams.

WE can work with any of the industry standard protocols


Connected & autonomous

At GIVE we create the technologies that will define the way we move in the future, in the road, air and sea.

  1. Connected vehicles
  2. ADAS
  3. Self-driving cars
  4. Vehicle autonomy
Automotive connectivity

Digital Twins

  1. Design / Asset / assembly digital twins
  2. Health-monitoring
  3. Continuous learning and optimization
  4. Predictive maintenance
  5. Personalized updates
  6. User-centric experience
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