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Our team takes on the engineering challenge of building products from the cradle to prototype and beyond, responsible for the whole design and development (D&D) cycle. Starting from conceptual design, FMEA and risk assessment, all the way to testing the product (and producing it in small to medium volumes) we have the experience and people to assist all the way and deliver the most innovative products.






Let us Assist you with your developments and new ideas

We will work close with your team to understand the product and define all its functionality, parameters and needs, and, we will keep working together throughout the product development as a team. GIVE will take on all the engineering and project management tasks required to successfully finalize the work, and deliver to you the product you’ve imagined.

Agile, and with our user/customer-centric approach, our teams ensures not only the undeniable quality of the new development in all its aspects (mechanical, electrical, digital, integration, etc.), but also the most efficient approach, the shortest development cycles, and your participation/inclusion in every step!

Engineering the future of mobility
Latest engineering news mobility of the future

"We are experts in the development of complex innovative products that redefine the way we move, the way we think of sustainability, and, the ways we define the future of our planet"


Among the things we can do

  1. Idea generation
  2. Design & Product FMEA
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Design – CAD generation
  5. Engineering analysis
  6. Prototyping
  7. Design for manufacturing
  8. Testing – Component/system
  9. Manufacturing/Assembly

Let us build your ideas

Please get in touch with our team, to start discussing and work together on the idea that will define the future.

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