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Automotive Engineering Consultancy

Our capability is focused on the system integration of complex assemblies and products, for niche and innovative applications. Our services cover the full spectrum from design through to prototyping, build and verification of integrated solutions. With more than 16,000 sqm of warehouse and assembly spaces, we can not only develop and engineer systems, but also build them for our customers and partners.


A prototype will help you understand the user experience.

A prototype facilitates market analysis and demonstrations to the early adopter and clients.

A prototype improves your final design and helps identify all flaws.

A prototype can spark ideas and boost innovation.

visionary engineering company


From small objects, single or with few parts, to full vehicle prototypes and complex systems, our team of experts will support you with engineering and help you bring your ideas to life, touch them, feel them and experience them in action. We offer cutting edge prototyping services for rough mock-ups of concept designs all the way to final presentation prototypes, as well as prototypes for user testing and market research. With a web of partners covering the whole spectrum of manufacturing methodologies (from 3D printing to large cast parts, plastics, extrusions, and more), and with our assembly capabilities and resources, we can bring to life any system.

  1. Build a new design
  2. Testing
  3. Identification of improvements
  4. Product demonstration
  5. Manufacturing challenges
vehicle engineering


Our expert team of electronics, can design, build and test, a range of electronics, including smart devices and embedded systems, all the way to very demanding power electronics. Focus heavily on defining the future of mobility and sustainability, we are constantly investing in technologies and our people to be able to build from scratch state-of-art electronics.

Prototyping & Production
  1. Embedded devices
  2. Power electronics
  3. Microprocessor, microcontrollers, OS
  4. Testing and characterization
  5. EMC and thermal analysis